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Introducing Klogs® Compression Socks

Introducing Klogs® Compression Socks

Oct 16th 2019

Good days start from the ground up: the perfect pair of Klogs gives hardworking professionals the confidence they need to know that, no matter how long the day runs, they’ll feel energized and supported until it’s time to hit the hay. But anyone who spends long days on their feet knows that regular socks just don’t cut it. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our first foray beyond footwear: Klogs Compression Socks.

These specially designed socks combine the bright hues and bold patterns you’d expect from Klogs with tried-and tested compression technology that facilitates blood flow and prevents swelling, hour after hour. Compression socks are also shown to help safeguard against more serious conditions like varicose veins and DVT—so professionals can feel secure that they’re doing the most for their future health, while supporting their well-being in the moment.

Best of all, our new Klogs Compression Sock colors and patterns are perfect for mixing and matching with your favorite pair of Klogs—so there are even more ways to express yourself, while ensuring all-day comfort and energy that lasts.

Klogs Compression Socks are available now—shop the collection online or at your favorite retailer!